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Yi 4K

Yi 4K

We all know that every other action camera manufacturer in the world are simply trying to achieve what GoPro has achieved in this category. When you talk about an action camera, the only name which we all think about is GoPro. While most of these ‘GoPro wannabe’ companies even claims that they will provide unmatched performance and what not, we still end up getting a piece of hardware which is no good than a plastic covered old sensor which scales up the footage. Most of them have a horrible UI and are completely unusable. But then again, when you talk about the YI 4K action camera, you would expect something similar since it is also a Chinese product. But then calling this one a surprisingly great package would be an understatement. So let’s talk about the camera itself, shall we? To begin with, it is plasticky feeling. Yes, it is indeed made out of plastic, but then again, as long as it works, it is fine.

At the bottom, there is the battery and the micas-xc compartment along with the female quarter inch mount. At the front is the f/2.8 seven elements 155-degree wide angle lens covering a Sony IMX37712.35 M effective pixels image sensor. This is capable of 4k video or 12MP still along with a status indicator light. On the other side is a micro USB port and on the top are the dual microphone port and a speaker grill. Now if you are wondering as to why there is speaker grill here in this camera, then let me tell you that there is a display at the back which covers the entire surface. Nothing crazy here since it is a 2.19” display with a resolution of 360 x 640. The view finder is butter smooth and so is the menu navigation. So if you are changing a setting or either reviewing a clip you just shot, it works really well. It also has an app to do all this but still having this built right into the display is any day better.

Just like the GoPro Hero 4, this one is also capable of shooting at 4k in 30 FPS. And overall, whether you are talking about low-light performance, auto white balance, scene brightness change response or really anything else, it is really impressive. And all this is without the access of some of the mode which only works on low resolutions. The six axis electronic image stabilization only works if you shoot at resolutions below 4K and no higher than 60 FPS, is also great. And now about the battery life, well, lets just say that you are not going to need as many battery packs as you would need with the GoPros. Also, the sound quality is yet another point here. And do make a note that if you are expecting them to throw away some free cases for this, then you will be disappointed here. You have to get them separately, but they are not all that expensive as well.

Coming to the final part which is about the accessory support this camera, you are going to be fine. Most of the accessory which works with GoPro cameras will definitely work with this also since it has a similar mounting slot. But do make, only a few of them are compatible so don’t expect a full support here. With that said, the price, screen, and the overall footage quality should make you forget about these small drawbacks. With that said, as of now, if you want a great action camera which will not break your bank, then this is a way to go.


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