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Xperia XZ Premium

A lot of interesting smartphones were announced at the MWC 2017 event this year. However, talking about the new technological innovation, Sony killed it with the Xperia XZ Premium. There are a lot of mixed opinion about this smartphone since the design is more or less very similar to what we have seen so far from Sony. But the main attraction is the 4k display on the front and the rear facing camera with the motion eye technology.

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium comes with a 4K display on the front which supports HDR as well. This is the first smartphone to have a 4k display and it surely looks stunning. While the battery life might be a huge concern, it is expected that Sony might have done something to overcome that issue. Talking about the camera, we have a new motion eye technology used in this one which can record slow motion videos upto 960 fps. The built quality is also on point and overall the device appears to be quite promising.


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