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Xiaomi Mi Robot

Xiaomi Mi Robot

From the past couple of years, we have seen a lot of Robot Vacuums entering the market. Starting from Dyson to Roomba, all of them have launched their variant, and now the next one to hit the streets is coming from a Chines manufacturer. Xiaomi, one of the top smartphone manufacturer in China has now entered the Robot vacuum foray with their latest Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum. Xiaomi’s answer to the other competitions is quite simple. They have produced a simple and efficient device which simply gets the job done. On paper, this little guy from Xiaomi has exquisite specs. It has a laser base navigation, strongest suction on the market right now, long lasting batteries, HEPA filters and a iOS and Android connectivity. Now all we have to do is, take a closer look and see if all of this blends to become a good product overall. Fist of all, it is a bit heavy at 8.4 pounds which are heavier than the competition. But it should not be an issue since this is not something that you are going to hold in your hands. It doesn’t come with extra filters or remote controls or virtual walls. In this case, accusing the bin is easier than any other robot vacuum. It is spacious enough to accommodate 14 ounces of dirt which should be more than enough for any typical household.

The HEPA filter is also located in the dust bin; It is completely sealed with a thin layer of rubber on all the four sides. The filter is not washable, and you should clean it as often as you can. The brush roll also can be removed in less than 5 seconds which is again a welcome move. It is very similar to Dyson’s 360 Eye as it also has the same type bristles. This little guy from Xiaomi also comes with a variety of different sensors. Let’s start with the indoor lasers moving on we have the ultra sonic proximity sensor. On the side, there is also an Infrared wall sensor, and finally, at the bottom, there are four more sensors along with the wheel which is quite sturdy. And just like any other robot, this guy can also finish the work and return to its base for recharging. This has been achieved wth the help of matching and localization algorithms. This is the same technology used by others like Neato, LG, etc. Also, thanks to its four cliff sensors at the bottom the robot doesn’t fall off lets say from stairs, etc. It knows where it is going and it will do a good job of being safe from such places. It will intelligently cover the entire place and will cover evenly. With a long lasting battery, a powerful suction which can be adjusted using the Mi home app, quality materials, and good design, this robot is well worth the price at which it is being offered. However, the only possible issue here is that it can be purchased only in China as of now. So if you are fine with these small trade-offs, then you should not be having any issues whatsoever with the Xiaomi’s Mi Robot.


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