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Xiaomi Mi MIX

Xiaomi Mi MIX

When you look at this smartphone, the first thing you will probably do is pinch yourself and cross check if what you are seeing is real. With this smartphone, Xiaomi is trying to give us a look into the future, where our devices don’t necessarily have screens so much, as they are the screens. And with their concept phone, they have got most of their way there, 91-percent to be honest. However, definitely, there are that we need to keep in mind with this smartphone, before making a purchase. Now, first of all, there is a small thing to be noted which is the fact that, you are essentially deleting with a smartphone which will be only sold in China and that too in very limited quantity. And because of the same exact reason, we are not going to review this particular device as a daily driver, but on the other hand, we will be just pointing out some of the unique new things that this guy brings to the table. Well, one of the first thing to note here is the fact that you are going to have a hard time safeguarding this device Since we have minimal bezels here, the chances of this breaking into pieces are extremely high if you drop it. But not everything about it is negative. When you take a look at the device for the first time, you will be amazed how beautiful this thing looks. It is completely made out of ceramic, and it feels fantastic in hand.

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Since the Xiaomi Mi MIX is ceramic, you might want to put a case since it is a very slippery device. And big is kind of the right way to out it indeed since it is a huge device. And talking about the specs of this guy, it packs a Snapdragon 821 SoC and will be sold in two variants i.e., the 4GB and the 6GB variant with 128GB and 256GB respectively. It also has a 16MP main camera at the back and also a 5MP front facing shooter. However, if you are planning to pick this guy with high hopes on taking some nice images, then that is not going to happen. It is good but doesn’t expect anything exceptional. And talking about the performance also, it packs all the latest and the greatest specs, and as you would expect, it performs extremely well. Overall, without going deep into the details about the specs or the performance, all you need to know is the fact that it is a great smartphone which performs quite good as well. And for the most part, if you are buying this smartphone, then you would anyway be doing it just for having it as a collector’s item of some sort since it is absolutely not fit for day to day usage. Yes, it is indeed possible to throw in a case and use it just like any other device, but you might enjoy the constant use of the huge size. However, if you still think that you can pull it off easily, then you can definitely do it but as mentioned earlier, it will be only available in China, and you have to import it from there. [/showhide]

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