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The world is constantly moving fast. It is quite difficult to remember things and easy to loose track of what your re doing and what you are about to. And not to the forget the pain of forgetting your wallet at home or work, etc. And maybe that is why you need a smart wallet which can help you get over that issue and maybe solve a few others as well. According to the company, it is the slimmest smart wallet which you will never lose. It looks just like a traditional wallet which can protect your cards, documents, and money, etc. It will alert if you leave your wallet behind by sending a notification to your smartphone. It is designed beautifully to look and feel like a traditional wallet.

The Woolet is just 9.9mm thick and also has a hidden compartment for your money which you want to keep safe. It has separate pockets for cards as well as money and does a great job of keeping everything nice and clean. And the best part is, the woolet charges itself using a low-powered ARM Cortex-M0 processor, and this essentially means that you don’t have ever to worry about charging it again. Well, ideally $100 may seem like a lot for a wallet, but in the end, it is giving you some better features when compared to a traditional wallet in real life. Yes, there are others out there that can do a lot more than just buzzing when you leave them behind, but for this price, you cannot argue with it. If in case you want something more useful with various features, then you might want to look at something like Cashew or maybe even the wocket, however, do make a note that they are going to cost you a lot when compared to this one here.


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