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Apart from giving you the bragging right where you can say a Wocket in my Pocket, this little piece of technology can be very useful. It is a self-contained smart card and wallet combo where you won’t need a smartphone or anything to make this work. Everything pretty much which you will need is already here in the contraption which you are getting including the touchscreen. Wocket is a $229 all in one smart wallet. The idea behind this and why the company claims that it is the best in the business is you don’t need your phone to make it work. The setup procedure is fairly simple where you put in a 3.5mm adapter at the bottom of this and swipe your cards in. That’s it. You are good to go. You can also put your reward cards in.

The Wocket has a fully functional touchscreen which works very well. The idea is simple. You take out the pocket and select the card which you want to use, enter the pin and boom. You tale out the pocket card out, and that becomes your card which you originally intended to use. Once done, just put it back in and it will lock itself and wipe all the data off of that card, and it is good as a new one to be used for the next transaction. Now you will ask how is this helpful. Well, for starters, you don’t have to carry around all the card which you have, and second of all, if you end up looking it, you are not going to loose your original cards. But then again, there are a couple of issues here as well. The first one is that it takes some time to use. The moment you take this out, enter your PIN and pop out that card will take you more time than simply using your ordinary card.

The next thing is, there is a lot of explanation to do to the shopkeeper since it doesn’t have any branding on it. So most of them will be fairly confused as to which one is it actually. And the next thing is that it has only one single pouch. It is definitely not enough if you want to carry around some cash or license as well. And in that case, you end up crying a pocket and a wallet actually. Which beats the whole purpose of this right? And of course, it is not the most thinnest thing in the world. And most importantly even if you don’t need your smartphone to work with this, the chances are that you will always have your smartphone with you anyway. Maybe i future that might come up with something more cooler than this and hopefully it will have more features but as of now, this is probably not the best solution and you can check out some other options such as Cashew or Parliament.


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