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Withings Home Security Camera

Withings Home Security Camera

Home security cameras are becoming a thing and for good reasons particularly. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to install and you don’t have to monthly price like any other traditional system. This new product from tithings is a direct competitor to the drop cam and it comes at the same price that is $199 and honestly, it is much better. It has ethernet support i wish all the product in the category has this. It also has an excellent 1080P 5MP sensor that produces wonderful video quality. Apart from that, it also has a great microphone to communicate. And on top of everything, it looks much better than any other cameras in the market. It can match your home decor, but on the downside, it is quite a bit larger in size.

The main issues come with the software. The drop has a bad software as well, but even the Withings is not all that great either. The 1080p 30 FPS footage looks outstanding, however, over the software the video quality looked bad. This could be only due to the software or server issues since the internet connection here is quite fast. But the infrared sensors works surprisingly great and the quality, when there is no light, is a lot better. There is something called as events which will record the footage when there is any motion around, and you will be able to see it for two days. The Withings home also manages the notifications well. There are no unnecessary notifications like you would see with the drop cam.

There is also a baby monitor mode, Yes, this would be an expensive baby monitor if you are buying this for that, but it works. So overall, the Withings camera is really really nice. It is definitely better than the drop cam regarding hardware and in software is also almost as good. If you need a home security camera, then as of now, this is the one you should get. That said, i do believe that both the drop cam and the Withings home lacks a lot in the software side of things. So maybe if that is an issue for you, then hold of till things get better as the company will definitely address them.


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