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Wink Hub 2

Wink Hub 2

The smart home hub, promises to consolidate all the different connected gadgets to make one universal place where you can access all of your devices. And this is what the original Wink hub did just like pretty much all the other smart hubs, and that is exactly what this new Wink hub two is also supposed to do. The Wink Hub which is available now for $99, is supposed to be an improvement to the original Wink hub. Yes, that is what all the succeeding devices are supposed to do right? Well, yes. That is exactly what this does. It adds a few features to this new models. It has Bluetooth, and it is supposed to be more reliable. And not just that, it is also supposed to be more safer, make all your connected device connect more easily and what not. That’s a lot of promises to make. But the ultimate question is, does it really succeeds in doing that? Well, not exactly. And the reason for that is that it is not all that different from the original first model.

The Wink Hub 2 not being different from the original model is really frustrating because it was expected to find this an ideal one where you could control everything from it. But the one and only one major bonus are that you don’t have to agree to a specific protocol. You can have Zig bee, you can have zee wave, you can have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, clear connect, etc. And also. You don’t have to commit to Alexa or Apple home kit. You can just have it all. And that’s great, right? Yes, it is indeed great but it in terms of usability it was still a little glitchy. You could face a lot of issues creating robots, which is Wink’s version rules and it honestly it is still kind of difficult. And you may also get some user errors frequently. So maybe every time you are trying to create one, you might get this internal error 500 code, and it simply won’t work. So definitely there are some kinks that Wink needs to workout. I am not going to get into everything here since there’s a lot to talk about as it is functionality is wide. But overall, this is a reasonable option, but as mentioned earlier, it still needs little more work to make this the ideal smart home consolidation device that we have been waiting for.


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