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WD My Passport Portable SSD

WD My Passport Portable SSD

Portable HDDs are something which we al prefer right? Have them with you at any given time and then simply transfer the data whenever you want on the go. Portable HDDs are evolved a lot over time now and we have a ton of them in the market already. Ranging from 1TB to a couple of 100 TBs, we have a lot of them in the market. However, the portable SSDs are something new which we haven’t seen a lot in the market. SSDs, as we all know, is Solid State Drives and it is often used in laptops and PC, etc. for faster data transfer rates, etc.

SSDs are generally known to yield better performance than the HDDs. However, until now we haven’t really seen that many portable SSDs and it is safe to say that WD’s My Passport Portable SSD is one of the first few to hit is the market if not the only one. This WD My Passport Portable SSD is compatible with both Mac and PC. And as a matter of fact, to cater the needs to recent tech trends, it works with USB Type-C as well as USB Type-A ports. It reaches stunning speeds of upto 515MB per second. It is also built like a tank and it is highly durable as well.


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