How to Update iPad, iPhone & iPad Mini to iOS 7 using IPSW file & iTunes

The Apple iOS 7 was officially released for the public yesterday, and there’s not just one way to install this new version by upgrading from the current one through the OTA update. You can install the new iOS version by going through one of the three ways, which are as follows:

  • Direct OTA update from Settings
  • Checking for any update in the Apple iTunes
  • Forcing the iOS update with IPSW file in iTunes

In the guide below, we would show you how you can update your iOS device, i.e. the iPhone, iPad or the iPod Touch to the iOS 7 using the particular IPSW file and the Apple iTunes. Before you start off, you need to do the following things to ensure things go on in a perfect way without any issue:

  • Take a backup of your device data – Taking a backup is advised because you can lose your data if any issue occurs while installing the device and the backup can be restored any time later on because it’s a local backup that iTunes takes which gets saved to the computer.
  • Use the latest iTunes version – Although it’s not an issue installing the iOS 7 with an older version of iTunes, it’s better to download iTunes 11.1 and install it, and try to update to iOS 7 using this version, as it has got full support for the iOS 7.
  • Do not update to iOS 7 if you are using a jailbroken or unlocked iOS device, because there is no exploit found for the iOS 7 and thus the jailbreak is not possible as of now, so you better wait until some jailbreaking options come out.

Video to make it easier to explain:

Install iOS 7 via iTunes with IPSW File

Now, to install the iOS 7 using the IPSW file, here are the steps to follow:

  • Download iOS 7 IPSW for your device – Click here for the various download links based on your device
  • Connect the iOS device to the computer through the USB cable, and then open iTunes
  • Once the iTunes recognizes the device, go to its page and there you would see an option for “Restore iPhone” or “Restore iPad” based on the device
  • Hold down the Shift key and then click on the Restore button, and a file manager box would open where you can select the IPSW file which you downloaded

iOS 7 Update iTunes IPSW

The installation would begin in the iTunes and the further steps would happen in the device too after a couple restarts. Once the iOS 7 installation is completed, you can just restore the backup you have taken.

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