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If you are entering late into the Bluetooth speakers game, then you should know that the UE Boom Bluetooth speakers was one of the most popular speakers of the time. And now again, ultimate ears offers the follow-up of the first one which is called the UE Boom 2. The name is similar, and it looks just about the same, but there are some important upgrades inside. This guy retails for about $199 so or most of the time. Talking about the physical overview, this thing is 7” tall and 2.75” in diameter and weighs in at just 1.2 lbs. It looks and feels just the original boom with the solid nylon like ruggedized materials. Last year’s model was splash proof one but this years model is IPX7 rated and you can fully submerge this upto 1 meter of depth. Do make a note that they will not float on top of the water like many others.

On the UE Boom 2 speakers, there is a Bluetooth pairing button on the top along with the power on/off button. On the front, there is the volume up and down button and pressing them together will give you a precise reading of how much charge left in you. Going to the bottom, there is a metal loop along with the 3.5mm jack and USB port to charge which are covered by a flap to protect from water. The battery life is claimed to last upto 15 hours, but it will surely come close to it, if not exactly same. The range is also quite high here, and it will stay connected to up 70 meters. A new feature found is a tap on the top to pause or play the song, or a double tap will take you to the next one. The app which is available for both Android and iOS allows you to take advantage of some other new features as well like the double up where you can pair two of them at the same time and sync for more powerful audio. There are other features such an equalizer, alarm,

The sound quality is pretty good in this one. Also, note that this is one of those speakers which will give you a full 360-degree sound. This variant is louder than the previous variant and quite louder for a small to medium sized rooms and can give decent volumes for huge hallways etc. as well. At full volumes, you will notice the base going down a bit. Vocals are also nice, and at lower volumes, this will do very good if it is not being pushed to its limit. If you are looking for rugged outdoor speakers and get it moving, this has to be one of the best in the business.


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