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TrackR Bravo

Bluetooth trackers are quite popular now. Most people are sloppy with the products and devices and tend to loose it quite often. And this is where the Bluetooth trackers come into play. These small little devices that you can attach to your devices and in case you end up loosing them, you can find it with your phone. Now most people will attack these to their keys, but thinking beyond that, you can attach these wireless trackers to your pet or put them in the bag or pockets of your kids. The trackR Bravo which we are taking a look at here is priced at $30, and you can get some good discounts if you order in bulk. Going over the physical features, it’s about a size of a coin with the top side made of anodized aluminum. In the retail packaging, it does come with a key ring and one adhesive sticker to attach this onto a flat surface.

Inside the TrackR Bravo, there is a battery which can last upto one year, and these are interchangeable unlike the competition Tile, where you have to purchase a new tile itself. Overall, the physical build is top notch, and the aluminum build feels really nice as well. This obviously comes with an app and going over the features of that, the first thing which you will see is the most recent location of your trackR. If the item is no longer in the range of your phone, a time stamp is provided that gives you an idea of where you last left your belonging. If you happen to go back to the last known location, the app does manage to provide proximity indication which is kind of unreliable for the the most part. There is also an audio button which will ring a tone on the Bravo, and this will work better in comparison to your proximity.

There is also a phone and the device separation alert which will alert you if you are leaving your tracker behind which means you are leaving your belonging behind. This also works the other way if in case you have lost your phone and even if it is on silent mode, if you press and hold the Bravo button on the tracker, your phone will ring. Bravo claims 100 feet of Bluetooth coverage. Another interesting feature is the crowd GPS. With this, if you ever lost your item, and if your phone is not within the range, the crowd GPS then relies on other trackR owners. So when others with a TrackR walks within 100 feet of the device, the GPS location will then update on your phone. TrackR claims to be largest crowd GPS at the moment. So overall, you won’t face any problems whatsoever with charging or syncing your device with the tracker and the tracker works great for the most part.


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