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TrackR Atlas

TrackR Atlas

TrackR is mostly known for it’s $30 Bluetooth tag which can be used to find some lost items using its application. All you have to do is, stick the tag on your object like a key and then you just ask the app about its whereabouts. It will then ping the app with which you will be able to know the exact location of your lost stuff. Yes, that is not entirely new because they have something new now called the Atlas. The TrackR Atlas is a plug-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled device, that costs $40. It is highly capable of doing a lot of differnet stuff which you might be interested in.

The TrackR can give you a map of all of the lost stuff in your house. You can use the application to create a blueprint of your home and see where your wallet, keys, and other similar items are. This might not sound like a great feature but it really comes in handy. On top of all, it also has built-in Amazon Echo access. This will allow you to ask certain tings directly to echo from within the app. Echo will then tell the whereabouts of the item. This will both ways again and you ask the Amazon echo as well and get to know where you stuff is.

With the TrackR, you will be able to buy these trackers from the company’s official website and for this price, it is not bad at all. There are other Bluetooth trackers as well like the Tile, etc. So be sure to check them out as well and stay tuned to Gizmo Report for more such interesting objects in the future.


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