Best Tips to Increase Battery Life of Apple iPad Mini and Keep the Battery Healthy

Apple iPad MiniThe Apple iPad Mini is a device that although has a thinner and lighter body, has got a 16.3 Watt hour battery which can provide usage for around 9 hours, and a real long standby time. And, that can be influenced a lot based on the usage and conditions. The latest update to the iOS 6.0.2 version changed the way its battery responded, there was a lot of draining seen in the iPad Mini and even the iPhone 5. Still those who have been lucky and saw their battery not draining that quick, can make it even better by following a few steps to increase the battery life, and prevent the battery from getting damaged in the long run.

Check out the video that explains everything together:

Set the Brightness to Low

Brightness when set to low, can help save a lot of battery, especially when you are indoors and don’t need a real bright screen. The iPad Mini has got an option of setting the brightness to Auto, but we wouldn’t suggest that too because that option would keep the brightness sensors active to keep a check of the surrounding brightness and so it would be better if you manually set the brightness to Low.

To set the brightness, you need to go to the settings and hit the “Brightness & Wallpaper” option to open that section, and there you can drag the marker to lower or increase the brightness of your iPad Mini.

iPad Mini Brightness Setting

Turn the Connections Off

Connectivity is always something that uses the battery. If it’s the Wi-Fi only version of the iPad Mini, you need to make sure that the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections are turned off whenever you are not using them, because both of them would keep searching for the available connections and this would eat some battery. And it would be worse when there is the data network connectivity active even when you are not using it in the Wi-Fi + 3G version of the iPad Mini.
When you are traveling, and not using any active connections, its better to turn the Airplane Mode “on” so that the iPad Mini doesn’t connect through any option and this would save the battery.

iPad Mini Connectivity

Do Not Disturb mode

The notifications in iOS devices are excellent, which are the Push notifications that come as a popup but these are of no use when you are sleeping or not active. There’s a Do Not Disturb mode in the iPad Mini which would help keep the notifications away for a scheduled time frame. Go to the Notifications section under Settings where you can setup the Do Not Disturb for the particular timing, and even keep the notification turned On for any particular apps whose notifications you don’t want to miss.
The Push notifications do eat up a lot of battery, and with this Do Not Disturb function a lot of battery is saved.

iPad Mini Do Not Disturb iPad Mini DND

Email “Fetch New Data” Frequency

The mails are fetched from the servers based on the time you set it for automatically doing that, and there are options for the Push notifications and the email fetching frequency, and we suggest to keep that low. Go to the Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars section and there you would see the option “Fetch New Data”. Open that and you need to turn the “Push” as Off and under Fetch, set it to Hourly or Manually to save more battery in the iPad Mini.

iPad Mini Mail Fetch New Data

Headphones are good

When you are alone watching a movie or listening to the music, it’s better you use headphones rather than hearing to the sound with the speakers as the small speaker grill of the iPad Mini does use quite a lot of battery and drains it faster than what it does when you use the headphones.

Some Tips to Keep the Battery Healthy

  • Smart Charging the iPad Mini is a good practice, where you discharge the battery of it to 0% and then charge it completely and this is to be done every 15-20 cycles or a couple times every month, and this is suggested by most of the brands to keep the battery of the device healthy. Charging it all the time even when there is just a little charging needed, is not always advised.
  • Use original charger from Apple, as there are several cheap ones sold at the stores and people would opt for it if the original charger got damaged or lost, but eventually the battery of the iPad Mini. Decreasing the battery drain and extending the original life of the battery are two different things, and if the latter is done properly the former is not needed always.
  • Do not use the iPad Mini all the time when its being charged. You would notice it getting heated up when you use the iPad Mini when it is charging, and this would keep affecting the battery internally, thus it is always advised to use the iPad Mini after the charging is completed.

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