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Few things are quite difficult to get a hold on. Well, once you do manage to get them, it is more difficult to hold onto them. For instance take keys. How many times have you left your keys behind somewhere and wondered where they were? And this is not just with keys but for many other things as well. People usually do the same thing with wallets as well. Yes, you can get your hands on a smart wallet like the cashew or the wocket, but hey what if you get to know that there are more inexpensive options out there. Well, in that case, Tile is just the right thing for you. If you are wondering what a tile is, it is a white square shaped gadget that can help you find just about any object which you have lost. And if you have already used the first gen tile, then this new 2nd gen tile will impress you more.

The Tile 2 is just a small gadget which sync to your phone via the app and pretty much help you track whatever you want. It can track via the Bluetooth upto 100 feet. But once you leave pass that area, it will leave a mark on the map, and it will show where you left your stuff out. The same can reverse around where it will show your phone when you press the tile twice. You can connect up to eight different Tiles to one account, and you can share access to your Tiles with other peoples’ phones as well. The tile’s battery is said to last a year, and it will send you a reminder when it runs low. At this point, you can order a new one since the $25 price tag for a new tile by itself is not bad for a year.

With all that said, this piece of the gadget does what it says. Its main objective is to find things efficiently and easily. Although it won’t send notifications or anything, expecting all that for this price would be absolutely insane. It manages to stay connected to your phone effectively, and it will also help you find it if in case you happen to lose it. This feature by itself should be ore than enough for most people to dive into this piece of technology.


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