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Thermos Smart Lid

Thermos Smart Lid

As we all know that technology is growing at a rapid pace, you can start expecting all the day-to-day products are getting smarter. We have already seen some revolutionary changes in few products and on the same lines, the Thermos Smart Lid is yet another product which is ready to replace your ordinary water bottles which you store water and use. As the name suggests, the Thermos Smart Lid is a smart device which has a standalone app for iOS and can send relevant data which you can glance at the app.

The Thermos Smart Lid is a hydration bottle which you can use that has some smart capabilities. This smart lid sends some useful info to your app like the current temperature of the water inside the bottle and how much you need to drink to achieve the daily goal. You can also track your progress over time with the help of the graph that is generated on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. On top of all this, this smart lid also works with Fitbit, and all the info is automatically synced into the Fitbit app as well. It also has a battery which should last you for about 12 days.

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