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The use of drones by the consumers as a mainstream product took off in 2016. Drones were highly underrated back in the days and for most people, it was just a piece of technology which was either huge in size to be able to control or carry around. But now, we have drones which can easily fit into your backpack or even a small handbag. That’s the kind of development we are talking about here. Also, when you talk about the functionalities of these drones, they are a lot more capable now. Few manufacturers like DJI, for instance, have pioneered this domain and have come a long way. Drones are not just any flying machine which you can control using a controller. When you think about aerial photography and videography, drones are the first thing which comes to your mind. Launch your drones into the air and start recording mind-blowing videos.

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It is as simple as controlling that thing with a controller. The experience is more like playing a video game in real time. With that said, these professional drones are usually suitable for professional work only. If you want something for more of a casual usage, then the Hover camera is just the right thing for you. The Hover camera is a small pocket-sized drone, that is primarily used for the purpose of taking aerial selfies. These are completely different from your professional drones.

The best part about this drone? It is foldable and it fits easily in the palm of your hand. When you are flying this small drone as compared to something like DJI Phantom, there will be a huge difference. This little guy is truly foldable and fully enclosed. You can grab it from anywhere you want even when it is on. You don’t have to worry about the propellers. The drone runs on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Flight platform. It also comes with a 13MP still camera which is good for 4k Video, however, if you are looking to capture professional-grade footage then it is safe to look somewhere else since this is more like a product to be used for casual photography and videography. Flying the hover camera drone is also a breeze. Simply power it on and hold it from anywhere and just let go in the air. The Passport only weighs 242 grams and there is no need for a controller since you will be using your Android or iOS device to control it via Wi-Fi. This has an ability to travel at a speed of 8 m/s or about 18 mph horizontally. And now talking about the price of this Hover camera, it is not particularly cheap as it retails for about $549. But with all the features it comes with, it is well worth it if you are looking for a casual drone flying experience take some great looking ariel looking photos and videos. [/showhide]

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