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Spectacles by Snap Inc.

Spectacles by Snap Inc.

Cameras are something that has mostly become a part of our lives. Almost all of us have access to a camera these days, and we want to capture pretty much everything we see. From cats to dogs, from a flying bird to a dead leaf, we want to put everything under our lens and throw a filter on them these days. So when the camera is such an important piece of technology in your life, why not wear one with you and record pretty much anything and everything you want instantly. Well, i suppose this is what folks over at Snap Inc. thought and came up with this unique piece of technology called the Spectacles. Yes, the name might not give you a very tech feeling, but these are definitely one of the coolest things that you will probably see in a very long time.

Spectacles are the first hardware product from the company which is called Snap as mentioned earlier. Formerly known as Snapchat, this was quite unexpected from them, but they really deliver. Even if you are someone who likes to carry a camera all the time with you, this is still something that you might want to bring along with you all the time. Also, every video you shoot with these glasses, goes right into your phone, into the snap chat app. From there, you can either choose to delete them or maybe upload them as a story or send it to your friends as well. It is really good at face to face interactions. Let’s say you are trying to talk to someone, and you want o capture the expression right from there. This works perfectly in that situation. And another thing at which it is good at is making videos look and feel like very good memories.

The Spectacles has a really wide angle lens here, and it really lets you live the moment and record at the same time hands-free. And interaction with people is also particularly great because everyone knows that you are recording and that is made possible by the recording light to the left. But at the same time, it is not weird at all. And this would not be the case in any other smart google like this. Most of them get it wrong, but Snap got this one perfectly on point. This is an extremely well executed and it lets everyone participate in the experience if they want. Be it the 60 FPS or be it the wide angle lens or be it the fact that the lens sits just at the eye-level. The overall experience is simply amazing. It captures the moment the way you saw it, and when people watch the shared video, they get a complete fulfillment of actually experiencing it with you, even though they weren’t physically present there.

Yes, they do come with a few minor issues like transferring the videos can be a pain. The time it takes to shoot them and also the time it takes to transfer them is a whole lot longer. Once you have waited for them to transfer, the app dumps them all into day-by-day groups. So if you are a person who uploads all the posts immediately then and there, this should not be a problem. But if you record a lot and them you get back home and try to go through them the other day, then it is really annoying since there are simply a whole lot of them to go through. So there is definitely a learning curve here, but once you get through that, I’d say they are well worth the hassle.


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