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Sony POV Action Cam (HDR-AS100V)

Sony POV Action Cam (HDR-AS100V)

Sony is one of the big players when it comes to professional grade cameras and other similar equipment. But when it comes to action camera department, they didn’t have much to offer until they entered the action camera race with their Sony HDR-AS100V action camera which is the third generation action camera for them. This camera from Sony will not surprise you if you have seen some of the previous variants from the company. The body here is splash-proof and of course, if you want to go all bonkers, then you can get the deep dive case for the camera with which you can go down to 60 meters. The operation is also fairly simple here, and it won’t budge you if you are not familiar with any of them from before. There is a giant record button at the back of the camera. There is also a flap that opens up to reveal the battery compartment and the slot for microSD card. At the front, there are two buttons for previous and next. You can press them at the same time with the record button to change other options. Sony later released a firmware update with which you can use the camera directly to live stream the footage you are capturing with it. Also, within the actual menus themselves, you can select the recording mode or video to be either a 28Mbps, which the standard option or you can go with Sony’s Pro mode which will give you a boost upto 50Mbps and it should give you higher quality videos.

Along with the Sony POV Action Camera, you also get a useful adapter which you can screw at the bottom of the camera itself, and you can use it without the optional casing as well if you want to mount it on certain accessories. Although the choices are very limited here so do keep that in mind. Also, with some of the configurations, of the action cam, you also get an included live view remote. This separate accessory has a built-in battery. This battery uses a micro USB port to charge. You also have a power switch and a couple of buttons to change some settings on the go. This attaches to a velcro and sits on your wrist. However, it is very limited since you cannot view the footage that you record. However, if you want the functionality of playback and all that, then you have to use the app. Now speaking of the application, there is Wi-Fi and GPS on the camera as well as NFC for easy one-tap configurations. And now, to the most important part i.e. the photos and the video quality, the regular 28Mbps footage which is what you are going to be using most of the time can get you either 30 or 60 FPS on 1080p and the quality is decent. If you put it side by side to something like a GoPro camera, you will notice that the exposures are a little bit more dynamic on the Sony. This means that it has a lot more contrast and has lot more areas where the highlights are blown out as the GoPro is a little bit more even when it comes to the footage.

As mentioned earlier, there is a 50Mbps shooting mode as well where things are comparatively better. But one thing to note here is that the Sony is good with image stabilization. When you are shooting some moving subjects and maybe going handheld with it and so on. And the another thing which is slightly problematic with Sony is, you have to use microSD X cards, in order to record those XAVC-S or that 50Mbps high bit rate video. With that being said, if you are alright with all the cons of this camera as mentioned above for the price tag, then you should go for it. Well, if not, then there is always a GoPro to rely on.


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