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Sonos PLAY:1

Sonos PLAY:1

Sonos PLAY:1 is the smallest speaker in the Sonos line-up, and it checks most of the boxes on featured that you would want from home speakers. The first check would be the size of this thing. It is very tiny for the sound that it produces. It will fit pretty much anywhere, but at the same time, it’s well built. It is very heavy and has a nice subtle design with a nice grill all around and overall is great which will look good in pretty much any home. And now the second thing which you would look for is the connectivity i.e. how you will be connecting it to play the music. Sonos is one of the most popular speaker brand and what this does compare to most other speaker is, instead of using Bluetooth, this works over Wi-Fi or Ethernet. So after you have set it up, you don’t have to worry about any connectivity like Bluetooth, etc. But because of this, you have to use the Sonos’s app which is very good. It doesn’t work with every service out there, but for the ones that i use or most people use, it probably will work. And it yes, it also plays anything that is locally available on your device as well. It works quite well, and there is no connection issue like stutters or skips, etc. the only mission feature is probably the lack of air play or cast feature.

With the Sonos PLAY:1 speakers, you also don’t have to worry about batteries or anything since it is plugged into the wall all the time. And now the last thing and probably the most important thing is, how it actually sounds. Let me tell you that the sound of this little guy right here is absolutely impressive. You would not expect this kind of sound output from something so small, but this thing truly delivers. It will fill your room pretty well, and you will have no issue with the output. It has two drivers, out of which one is a tweeter and one is a mid-woofer along with two amps built-in and these three clear sound all through the range and even at the loudest settings, there’s no distortion. It really is a nice listening experience. There is also something called true lay tuning. So if at all the speaker sounds a little weird when you put it into a new location, you ca tune it with your phone and you can just walk around the room wave the phone around and according to this, it will automatically change the sounds, so that it best matches the room that you put it into. If you make an audiophile listen to this, then he/she might complain about it being quite flat with the base. But if you want some things to be changed, then you can simply add other speakers to it and get the desired output.

Overall, it sounds pretty good, and most people won’t have any issues whatsoever listening to them. Now this speaker cost $199 or about 25,000 INR approx in India, and for that price, it is totally worth it. It sounds great and its a seamless experience to use and it is definitely recommended to buy, and if you end up buying this one, there is no way that you will be disappointed. In fact, even though it is a proprietary system which might be an issue for most people, the speaker is absolutely fun to use and is a win for the price. However, if you want some portable Bluetooth option to carry around you can check out something like the UE BOOM 2.


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