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SkyBell Smart Doorbell

SkyBell Smart Doorbell

Smart Doorbells are probably the best investment for you if you are planning to step up your smart home game. We have reviewed a couple of smart doorbells previously and had some mediocre results. But that doesn’t mean to say that all of them trash nor that the sky bell is perfect but it is definitely a step ahead from the ones we have seen so far. First of all, this camera doesn’t have an HD video quality, so you are going to get a grainier video feed. But then again, it is not so bad that you won’t be able to see who is at your front door step, to begin with. You also won’t have any bandwidth constraints if you don’t have a super high-speed Wi-Fi connection. So how does it works? Well, if someone rings the doorbell or if someone stands in front of the motion sensor for upto 10 seconds, you will get a push alert which will link you to the video feed. From there, you can have a two-way talk function where you can hold down a button to talk and then release it to listen. Okay, to be honest with, this doesn’t really work that well, and it feels more like you are having a poor phone call where you are missing few words or something like that. Also, few of you may also face some limitations during the installation and set-up process.

Unlike other doorbells, which have both battery power as well as wired options, where you can still use them if you don’t have power. But the Skybell is wired only since it allows for live streaming and other advanced features but then again, that means that a lot of people will be left out of the equation. So if you don’t have a wired setup, then you won’t be able to buy it and install. And it also doesn’t work with your intercom system which is again a bummer. And if in case you have a digital doorbell that is a computerized doorbell that uses a speaker rather a traditional bell, you will have to invest some extra bucks on Skybell’s adapter. So this will take a little bit more effort. You will have to go through some more installation work to get everything up and running. Another thing to note is that, if you have had a traditional doorbell installed before, then the round shape of the Skybell might not fit in the same space quite as well.

Overall, although the Skybell is the best DIY smart doorbell yet, it does have a few kinks that it needs work on as it is not perfect. But it will get the job done, if you want to see who is at the front door step and that is pretty much what most people want from a smart doorbell anyway. With that said, you should totally take a look at some other options if you want a more sophisticated option.

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