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We have already reviewed a lot of smart home security devices before. Most of them are pretty promises while others are just there and merely solves the purpose of securing the home. And just on the same lines talking about the home security devices, we have yet another one, and it is called the Sentri. Well, at first glance it may not look like a hoe security device/system, but it is surely one. It first launched on Kickstarter and had a lot of enthusiasm surrounding it. It is not a bummer that it had a lot of people interested since it is quite different from the existing device on the market that we have reviewed. Why is it different? First of all, it has a vague tablet shape and has a built-in 720P camera and a bunch of environmental sensors.

The thing which mainly sets apart the Sentri is its design. Again yes, it looks different than most security systems out there. It has an actual interactive interface instead of just a static camera that you can’t interface with. This device also has a related Android and iOS app. The app can be used to access the live feed remotely from anywhere. Alternatively, you can set up third party devices like Nest thermostat, etc. Yes, we definitely appreciate the innovative approach that the Sentri team took with this product, but it looses some things in translation. Most people don’t want a device that they can interface with just when they are sitting on their couch. Usually, people prefer something that they can take with them. And although the Sentri does offer an Android and iOS app as well, this thing surely costs a lot of money.

The Sentri costs $299 which roughly translates to about 20,000 INR which is actually a lot asking considering the fact other monitoring devices costs less. And it is definitely a lot to spend on this sort of secondary interface which you might not even use for the most part since there are an Android and iOS app. This product could, however, work out for someone who wants a connected smart home style device but doesn’t actually likes smartphones or smart apps. Otherwise, it is safe to skip this device and go something like dropcam, etc. since they just perform better overall.


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