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Tired of your regular old alarm clocks? Well, then it is now time to try out something new like the new SensorWake. The SensorWake emits the scent of some of your favorite smells. With the power of those smells, you will wake early and efficiently. If you are a heavy sleeper on the other hand, then the alarm also buzzes you with a gentle melody which will get you on your feet. Sounds like a great alarm clock right?

The SensorWake has a variety of different smells ranging from chocolate, delicious croissants, peppermint, and espresso, etc. At the time which you setup, it will diffuse these smells in the air and one cannot resist but get up and get going. It uses a dry-air diffusion technique to diffuse the scent which will throw out the perfume molecules in the air. The scent molecules are available as capsules and will last you upto 30 days. So what are you waiting for?


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