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Ever wondered where your emotions come from? And as a matter of fact, there is a lot going on in your body right now as you are reading this. Then how to know what it is? This is something that most of us have always wondered about right? Well, if you are one of them, then Sence is just the right product for you. According to the company which created this, sence is a revolutionary wearable which is capable of giving users, more insight into the bodies and minds than you ever thought possible. They claim that it is next step in the bodily and social awareness. Well, if you wanted the answers to the question asked above, then this is just the product that you need to take a look at. With this, you can readily track the origin of happiness, sadness, and stress in your life.

Sence contains the only practical ECG tracking technology ever made available to general public. Its revolutionary tracking system, sence can pinpoint the precise moments when you or your loved ones experience over 64 different emotions and bodily states. It pretty much learns what build you up and breaks you down. What does it do with all this info right? Well, it uses that info to coach you and allows you to eliminate the bad from your life. And another best feature, if your loved ones also have this on, then you can monitor the live feed and see what is going on and how he/she is feeling. So with this, you can immediately understand how your partner feels and help them accordingly. Well, now if you ask what makes the best and the accurate one out there?

The sence team has developed a proprietary technology to accurately measure the R-Peak signals in your body. These are the electric impulses generated by our heart when our nervous starts to contract. According to the research, this is the only true way to measure the heart rate. It is 250x more precise than your traditional sensors out there. There is also a sence app for this band called the sence hub, which will provide you all with the data accurately. Consider this is the only wearable that you will ever need as it pretty makes use of every info about your body and gives you an accurate overview of the same. With that said, if you want more insights into the well-being of yourself or your loved ones, then this is the way to go.


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