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Samsung SmartThings Home Kit Hub

Samsung SmartThings Home Kit Hub

Samsung smart home monitoring kit is the company’s first attempt and the best attempt yet at making your home much smarter than what it is. The home monitoring kit lets you rest you easy by answering one simply question. Is everything okay at home? Well, so let’s see how it does what it does best. Inside the box, you will find the smart things hub, two multi-purpose sensors, a motion sensor and an outlet. The first thing you would need to do is download the smart things app which is available for both iOS and Android and if you have one then it will also work windows phone. Then you create an account and select your region. And then just follow the procedure and get over the setup procedure.

You will need to insert the 4 AA batteries that are provided with the kit. And then just plug in the two cords that come in the box. And once you are all done, you are ready to connect it to your smartphone and give your home some brains. You will do this by connecting the things that came with your kit in the box. In this case, all you have to do is, pull out of the box and plug it in. When the smart hub detects all of your devices, you are free to keep them anywhere in the house and make them trigger certain things accordingly. Once you have placed all of them in the places, give them the names accordingly and get started.

From this point, you are ready to start exploring your home, and it is more like ground zero for you to play around. There three options to select. When there is no one at home, select home away. This will put your home on full alert and select anything and everything that is happening. When you are home and asleep, select arm and stay. This will put everything on partial alert. And finally when you are at home, just select disable. All these options can be selected accordingly to help you create a safe and secure environment. There are a lot of options like using alarms, alert and what not. So overall, for the price at which it is being offered, you are getting pretty much everything that you would expect.


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