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Samsung Smartcam HD Plus

Samsung Smartcam HD Plus

Samsung has been there in market for a long time now with their electronics range of products. And now in their attempt to take on the Nest Cam, they have launched the Smartcam HD Plus. It promises to do pretty much everything that the Nest cam does and in fact this one is suppose have some other extra features as well. This live-streaming camera offers full 1080p FHD resolution with a 130-degree FOV. It also offers motion sensors and sound alerts as well. And as a matter of fact, this new advanced model is supposed to offer better night vision support as well as a more advanced motion tracker also as compared to the regular smartcam. However, to be very honest, you will not see any practical use case difference between the two. While this is more smaller than regular HD Pro, the build quality is not all that great. And now that we are talking about the build quality, let me tell you that it feels like it is build out of cheap materials. And the worst part is, it still doesn’t work with the Samsung SmartThings yet at the time of writing this article.

The Smartcam HD Plus is worth considering if you’re interested in local storage. But before that, the only thing which you should keep in mind is that, you should not expecting any significant difference or advancement here. And talking about it being discreet, it is smaller and comes in a new black color which you can even detach from the base to make it look more conspicuous. Yes, these advancements are really great but then it pretty makes it look like a clone of the Nest cam. But when you compare it directly with the Nest cam, then you will see that it misses the magnetic surface as well as the streamlined app which works flawlessly. And these two things might not feel like a big drawback but in the day to day usage, you will feel the difference indeed. Both of them work on the basic Smartcam app but we all know that it is not all that easy to navigate.

Setting the Samsung Smartcam HD Plus up is quite a breeze and is relatively straightforward. Download the app and connect it to your local Wi-Fi network and then aimlessly wait for the LED to to turn from Blue to Green on the device. But then again, once you are in the app, it i pretty chaotic and you will start to feel the mess. You have some decent adjustable settings like the sensitivity of the speakers, microphone, motion detector and audio detector. And the ability to opt in and out of the push and email notifications is nice touch indeed. Other options in the live-streaming page includes, an option to record a 30-second clip, take a picture, enable a two way talk to communicate with others. You can also tweak the resolution between low, medium and high. All these might make it look like it has a lot of features but if you are familiar with any other cams, then you already know that most of them have these features. So overall, for this price, it is decent option if you’re looking for live-streaming capabilities, customizable settings and local microSD card storage. Yes, the camera by itself looks great but it still doesn’t feel as durable as the nest cam which is a direct competitor here.


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