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Samsung POWERbot Robot Vacuum

Samsung POWERbot Robot Vacuum

When we talk about a Robot vacuum cleaner, everyone gets excited and the reason being the fact that you don’t have to clean anymore and what not. Well, that is not the case exactly, but it surely doesn’t make the job a whole lot easier. And the Powerbot essential is mid-level powerbot from Samsung. It is a robotic vacuum, and it pretty much retails for about $599. And just like any other robotic vacuum cleaner, it comes with a docking station, where it just goes back to charge up. Well, regarding load time, it takes about 3-4 hours. The fact that it comes with a remote and a filter is a nice touch from Samsung. It has raised wheels and adjusts according to the surface. At the bottom of the device, you can see the suction area, and this has got 20 watts of power. And at the front, there is a camera. And this is the part which allows it to sense everything that is around the bot and that is how it avoids collisions.

The canister of the Samsung Powerbot robot vacuum sits towards to the right of the camera, and this one has a cyclone canister, and this is where your filter goes, and you can swap that out and use another new one as well. And now onto the next question, that is how well this guy performs. Well, the first thing to say here. This thing does a good job of picking stuff from the floor. But one of the things which you notice is, it is smart but not so smart also. There are something that it can roll over and there are some things that it won’t. The camera senses the obstacles and then it just changes its course. So even though it is not as smart as you would expect it to be, but still it does a fairly good job. So bottom line, if you actually want a smart robot then this is something that you should be considering to pick up. Yes, there are way better options in the market like the Xiaomi Mi Robot which is retailing for half the price of what it is costing. Even Dyson’s offering is very good in this case. So do make sure to check those out before making the purchase but overall, it is a very good product indeed.


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