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Samsung Gear IconX

Samsung Gear IconX

We are slowly moving towards the wireless technology, and it is evident from the fact that the products are coming to the market are mostly adapting the wireless technology. Speaking of wireless products, wireless earphones are nothing new to us. While it depends on the type of earphones you are using, truly wireless earbuds are a thing now. And talking about truly wireless earbuds, Samsung Gear IconX is a name which we cannot miss. Samsung Gear IconX are designed to be used as sportswear that compliments your active lifestyle.

The Samsung Gear IconX are truly wireless meaning there are absolutely no wires whatsoever and all you have is two separate earbuds. The fact they are completely wireless allows for a tangle-free experience while using them on a day-to-day basis. Samsung is also including ear tips of three different sizes so that you get a perfect fit. Above all, these are not just your ordinary earbuds, they are smart wearable and can track your speed, distance covered, duration of activity, heart rate as well. All the measured data can be synced to your smartphone at a later period using the app. The Samsung Gear IconX can also hold up to 1000 songs for your long workouts as well.

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