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Samsung Gear 360

Samsung Gear 360

Media consumption is going through a revolutionary change right now. Even the entry level consumer cameras are now capable of producing stunning footage. If you remember, a couple of years back, the action cameras entered the market and took consumers with surprise. Everyone wanted an action camera and recorded some beautiful content. You can check out the of action cameras which you should be buying. And now after all these years, we are entering the second wave of proper 360-degree photo and video solution. However, when you talk about a 360-degree camera, you don’t have many options. Also, the ones that are available on the market are quite expensive and to be honest, not many people are ready to adopt this technology with open arms. The very first question is, what is a 360-degree camera and what can we do with it? With the help of a 360-degree camera, you can record photos and video which will give you a full 360-degree view of the scene. As a matter of fact, you might already be familiar with this if you have used a Panorama mode in your cameras. Google also came up with Photo spheres in the stock Android with Google camera, which was another solution to shoot the 360-degree photo of a scene. But now the 360 degree is here, and it is effortless to record these stunning looking images and videos. And Samsung’s Gear 360 degree camera is probably one of the best solutions which we have as of now. So essentially what you are getting with Gear 360 degree camera is, two separate lenses stapled together, and the whole body of the camera is shaped like a ball. First starters it looks bigger than it looks on the press renders, but not too big that it would make you uncomfortable to hold and record. Each sensor has a 195-degree field of view, so even though this is a thicker body than other solutions, there is still plenty of room to stitch the two pieces together.

The Samsung Gear 360 camera ships with a little grip that can be attached to the bottom of the camera, which will allow resting the camera or maybe hold while recording. While 360-degree content is the main focus of this action camera, it can very well use in single lens mode as well, if you want to produce and extreme wide-angle shot. When you use both the lenses, the gear 360 will deliver 13MP stills and 3840 x 1920 resolution videos which are slightly lower than the 4K. It is particularly good to see though when the resolution gets stretched thin. But with 1080p when all of those pixels are displayed in one rectangle in front of us. Having used 360 cameras which produce HD footage, the quality degrades quickly, when that 2MP resolution has to capture everything in every direction. The images and videos which you record are saved to an SD card, and it is estimated that each GB of storage should provide around 4 minutes of video. This is somewhere around 30Mbps to 40Mbps bit rate. Also, like many action cameras, the gear 360-degree cameras can be used on its own blind or alternatively it can also be paired wirelessly to the Galaxy smartphones to use the phones as a viewfinder. At the time of the launch of this camera, the Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge were the two focus smartphones but more Galaxy smartphones and other Android devices will be capable of doing the same as they launch. Do make a note here that you should have a fairly powerful device to power through the highly demanding software to switch and process the content. Also, in order to view all these content that you are creating, it is advised that you use a VR Headset of some sort to consume them since t will be an ideal experience. With that said, if you are passionate about producing the 360-degree content or maybe experiencing one, then you can go ahead and make the purchase, however, if not, then maybe you can wait until some other manufacturers also come up with their solutions.


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