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Polaroid Cube +

Polaroid Cube +

If you are one of those who likes to travel a lot, then you are probably good with your smartphone camera for the most part. But sometimes there just isn’t an option and you will need a wide angle lens or you simply don’t want to bring and risk your super expensive cameras out there. And above all, if you want to travel somewhere you just want something small to take care of your needs. For all these needs, the Polaroid Cube + should be just the one for you. It is a cool little action cam which is capable of taking great videos and stills as well. And the best part is, you can carry it with you anywhere you go. So now let’s get the pricing out of the way because that might be the determining factor for most people. It retails for around $150, and you check the links down below for the current pricing details. And honestly, that is already half the price of the GoPro Hero 4 Session.

The Cube + is the second edition of the original polaroid cube launched earlier, and as the name suggest it is exactly like a small cube. It is nice and small, and it has two buttons. The first button up top is the power button which you can hold for 2 seconds to activate the camera. The another button is the Wi-Fi button. And at the back, there is a microUSB port and the microSD card slot as well, and it can hold up 128GB of storage. Spec-wise, it has a built-in Wi-Fi, image stabilization and it can also record at 1440p at 30 FPS also 1080p & 720p at 60 FPS. This camera is also capable of taking 8MP stills, and it is weatherproof and not water proof. So the is something to keep in mind that you can’t dunk this thing in the water. The battery will last you for about an hour and a half which is good for a camera of this size.

Using the cube + is very simple as well. You just have a couple of options like clicking on the button will take a still and clicking on the button twice will start the video recording. All the other options and settings can be changed within the app. So if in case you don’t have the app running then you will indeed fall short of some of the options. Accessory wise also i feel this is a bit basic. It just comes with a rubber bumper case, a carabiner to latch it anywhere and a USB cable. You can buy the others for a price like a monkey stand or a tripod mount. Once you are ready to record, just fire up the camera and the app to see the live footage there. Well, that is pretty much what you should know about the camera and it is definitely worth the price if you want something for a casual usage.


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