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Philips Health Smart Watch

Philips Health Smart Watch

Fitness trackers are becoming more and more mainstream as every other manufacturer wants to make one. But when you talk about Health Smart Watch which solves the purpose of both monitoring your activity as well as a functioning as a smart watch, the options are kind of limited. Yes, most of the smart watches have the ability to track your activity, but they are not meant for that purpose primarily. And now talking about that, we now have a new player here from Philips called the Health Smart Watch. The Health Smart Watch looks more like a smartwatch, but its main purpose is to track your fitness. It makes you healthier by tracking your heart rate and other indicators of the heart condition as well as activities such as sleep and more.

The Philips Health Smart Watch is capable of automatically detecting activities such as walking, running, cycling and sleep. It has an always on display which shows useful and relevant information and has a battery life of 4 days. The measurement methods and algorithms which are used here by Philips Health Smart Watch are clinically validated. Also based on your activity levels and other info, they also offer Health guidance services. It has a heart rate sensor at the back, and it constantly monitors your heart rate and a heart condition. And all this data is securely stored on the Philips Heath Cloud platform, and the watch is synced to the Philips Health App which is compatible with both iOS & Android. Overall, it is a great fitness tracker which also doubles as a smartwatch, and it looks pretty decent and maintains a low profile.


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