Parrot Rolling Spider

Parrot Rolling Spider

Drones as smartphone accessories, sounds crazy right? Well, that’s exactly what parrot’s been doing since they launched their first AR drone back in 2010 and continued with the line of these so called mini drones. And one such mini drone is the rolling spider. Yes, there are a lot of quad-copters out here but this one is particularly interesting, and it is loaded with sensors to make it easy to pick up and fly. As weird as it may sound, the name is not everything. It is completely controlled by smartphones and tablets, and it also comes with wheels that can be attached to it. These wheels let you drive the spider on the ground and roll it up walls and across the ceiling. Just like a spider, right? The wheel also manages to protect the propellers while you do some funky flips and what not. And this is protection very important since it only comes with one set. You also get only one battery pack which will typically last you for 5-8 mins of flight. Do make a note that the battery has to be charged in the spider and it takes roughly about 90 mins for a full charge.

Talking about camera capabilities of this mini drone, while other drones are capable of taking high-res videos and images, this little guy is only capable of taking low res images. And i fact this is the only drawback here with this drone. While you may not enjoy it as a drone since it looks more like a toy of some kind, it is definitely worth taking a look at since it is something new in the market. The idea of having this thing literally climbing across the ceiling is really fun to look at. It may creep you out for the first time when you look at it but is not all that bad. On the other hand, if you want some other drone from Parrot, then you can check out the Parrot Bebop or in case you want to go all bonkers then make sure to check out the DJI Mavic Pro or the GoPro Karma.


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