Get Paid Metro Apps for Free from Windows 8 Store with Modernbreak

While Microsoft is betting really big on Windows 8 platform, it now seems like hacker community is finding new ways to pitch in and crack the OS and its apps. In the recent days we have heard about the news that Microsoft has accidentally gifted the key to Windows 8 OS activation in the form of KMS to the hacker community unknowingly and in the fresh news hackers have managed to crack the Paid trial version of Windows 8 Metro Apps which now is a new challenge for Microsoft to fix it.

Hackers from MDL Forums have now come up with a tool which converts the trail apps downloaded from the Windows 8 Store to the ones which are purchased. If you are surprised like I was initially on how this is possible then I would like to tell you that in Windows Store of Windows 8, for every PAID application listed has an option for trial for 7 days so that you can experience the app for 7 days for FREE and then one can take a call on whether to purchase the same or not, but hackers have upped their ante on cracking the mechanism to get free paid apps.

[box_dark]Disclaimer: Please note that we take no responsibility for the violation of licensing norms in any manner in whole or in parts. Also, the developer should not be responsible in any manner for coming out. Our main intention is to empower users with the hacks which will help Microsoft / Windows to fix such exploits.[/box_dark]

So, lets get started with a detailed tutorial below;


Tutorial to Get Paid Metro Apps for Free from Windows 8 Store with Modernbreak

  • Download the Crack Package from here to your computer and once it’s downloaded in your computer, you will need to extract the same to a folder preferably to a folder on the desktop. Once downloaded, you now need to download any application PAID application from the Windows 8 Store in your computer.


  • Please note that you will have to download the trail version app, like as you can see in the above screen capture that we are downloading the Winzip paid application from the Windows 8 Store.

Crack WinZIP

  • Now, from the extracted folder, head over to the path “release\wscrack_anycpu” to open the application named as “TokensExtractor” after which it will list all the apps installed in your Windows 8 system. Once you see the below pop up, you need to click on the app marked as (Trial) at the end as we have shown below in the “Winzip” case.

Winzip Full Activated

  • Now, select the same and then click on “Crack” tab on the right hand side. It will take a minute for cracking the same and once it’s done, you can see that the app listing will end with the “FREE” ones which indicates that the app has successfully cracked.

So, there you go, you have now successfully learnt on how to convert the FREE Trial app into the fully purchased like app in your Windows 8 Laptop / Computer. Do let us know your views on the same and we hope that Microsoft will fix this bug at the earliest as we too doesn’t support Piracy as it may potentially spoil the computer with spurious files which may hamper your user experience.



  1. when i press crackit….. it says test licence could not be installed….please help?????

  2. windows 8 9200 activator free download

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