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ORIGIN Mechanical Smart Watch

ORIGIN Mechanical Smart Watch

Smart watches are everywhere now. Pretty much everyone you know owns one and uses it even though there is no actual use for it yet. Most people see it as a new trend in the world of watches but for most people, it is something new which will take some time to get used to. So what if you get to use the smart features of the smart watches with the old traditional watches like a mechanical timepiece. sounds pretty interesting right? Well, it is very much possible and the ORIGIN Mechanical Smart watch all about that.

ORIGIN combines the best of both the worlds. With this, the old mechanical watch gets some smart features. Now how is that possible if the watch by itself doesn’t have any electronics in it? It is very much possible here since the strap contains all the electronics here. The smart strap connects to your phone for activity tracking notifications, calendar reminders, music control and more. The goal is here to create a watch which would last forever but will have some smart features. It has a Japanese movement which winds itself and hence you don’t need any charging to do.

The ORIGIN Mechanical Smart Watch features sweeping hands with a Luminous layer and Lum-filled, diamond cut indexes at the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock position. Yes, you do have to charge the strap but a charge time of 2 hours will give you usage for upto 10 days. The smart strap connects via Bluetooth to your phone and has a separate app with which it can be controlled. Overall, it is probably the best offering out there in the market which you can reserve that can give you an experience of using a traditional watch along with some smart features. As of now, at the time of writing this, the watch is still in crowdfunding stage with Indiegogo and you ca reserve the watch right now just for $149 or maybe make a group purchase as well.


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