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Onyx Smart Walkie-Talkie

Onyx Smart Walkie-Talkie

The Onyx Smart Walkie-Talkie is the perfect communication tool which you can buy in the market today. It seamlessly pairs with other device and your smartphone to give you a perfect communicating experience. The best part is, the Onyx Smart Walkie-Talkie has a 30-foot range to your smartphone for seamless conversation and it uses your smartphone’s Wi-Fi or network to make the connection happen. Apart from all this, the Onyx Smart Walkie-Talkie has a built-in speaker, 3.5mm headphone port, and also a silent mode.

The Onyx Smart Walkie-Talkie is compatible with both iOS and Android and it is a geat way to be connected with your friends and family. It also has a rechargeable battery which you can quickly charge to add more juice into it. And on top of everything, the Onyx Smart Walkie-Talkie is dust and water resistant as well. Hence you are a rugged user, then this will surely put up with your rough usage.

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