Omate Yumi Robot

Yumi Robot

Home Automation is not a thing of future anymore. Every other day, there is some or the other new product in the market which tries to make your home smarter. As of today in the market, if you are looking for home automation products, we do have a variety of different products. From smart bulbs to the smart thermostat, one by one we are getting closer to the perfect automated home. But again, when all these home automation products considered, there is a lot of confusion. Imagine how many products you will have to control. Yes, most of them have an application for your smartphone, but even then, it is quite complicated. This is where the concept of smart assistants comes in. Imagine an assistant to which you have to speak to get a particular task done. For instance saying good night will turn off all the lights and or window shades opening when your alarm goes off! That is what we want right? But the question is, do we have them yet? Not exactly but we are getting close. Amazon Echo is one such product. Even Google has come up with a new product called the Google Home, which does the same thing along with some other neat functionalities. You can directly talk to these assistants and get your work done. Just say the hot word and voila! But what is the point of having it, if it is just going to sit at one place and just listens to your command right? Well, the new Yumi Robot might help you kill that thought.

The all new Yumi Robot is a small bot which has Amazon Alexa built into it. Yumi is essentially an Android tablet on wheels actually. You can control it with your voice and pretty ask it do anything that you want. Do you want a robot just like the one which you see in Hollywood movies? This is as good as it gets right now. The Omate’s Yumi Robot has a 5-inch 720p display which serves as its face. Don’t worry; it is not just to show some commands or anything. You can make it t display different expressions to make it look like an actual face. This Yumi robot also has a microphone which is obviously Alexa. There is a ring light for notifications as well along with the speakers. The whole thing, which stands about 11.7” tall is running on a 3,500 mAh battery. For the price tag of $349, this is the best robot you can get right now(or at least pre-order), which can actually work the way you want it to. Although it appears that the price is quite high, it is still cheaper than something like the ASUS Zenbo. We expect the company to come up with other variants like the one which works on Google Home, etc. as well. But as of now, this one should be just fine. It is elegant and looks futuristic, and above all, it makes you look cool by doing some home automation tricks when you have some friends over.


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