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Nokia OZO

Nokia OZO

Back in 2013, Nokia technologies research and development team began working on something which is now known as the Nokia OZO.  A typical 360-degree camera on the market comes with two cameras or maximum 3 in some cases and honestly that’s all that you need. But the Nokia’s OZO has eight cameras! Yes, it is the company’s 360-degre stereoscopic camera which is encased in a round enclosure. Each of this 8 lens has a 195-degree field of view an aperture size of f/2.4. It captures footage at 30 FPS. And even the audio is captured from 8 microphone which captures sound from all the different angles. But wait, don’t have your high if you are not willing to shed some serious cash on one of these. How much do you think they are? Well, don’t even try to take a guess since they are $45,000. Yes, that’s right. And apart from the camera, there is a separate digital cartridge which is very essential. It houses the battery and a media module with 500GB of memory to store. And yes, you guessed it right. You have to buy it separately, and it will cost you an extra $5000. And now when you finally think that’s all you need to invest, then you’re wrong again. There’s even more to invest. You will also need an SDI cable, a Thunderbolt cable, and a black magic ultra studio mini recorder. If you don’t know what they are, then at least let me tell you that none of these are included.

And to top it all off, everything is controlled through the OZO remote app which only runs on certain high-end MacBooks as of now. The Black magic box converts the signal from the camera and allows you to preview the shot and set exposure. The app let’s you set shutter speeds, color temperature and also lets you start or stop recording. You can also select to shoot from just the four cameras in the middle instead of all eight or go crazy and use all of them. Yes, when you have paid so much money, then why not right? And if you are planning for a getaway with this thing, then be sure to pack less stuff since this by itself will require you carry a rolling case the size of an average suitcase. And also having to carry the computer all the time can be cumbersome and hence we expect them to come with a phone app soon. If there’s an advantage in carrying all these gears, then it is confidence. You can monitor and set everything up and have some great footage without having to worry about anything, if incase you know what you are doing. And if you didn’t already know this, processing the footage takes time, and it is resource intensive. To give you an idea, a 1 minute worth of footage out of this will take upto 7 hours to make a final stitch. So the post production is a whole another discussion and not something to be discussed here.

Overall, it is safe to conclude by saying that the OZO is not a camera for you and me. However, if used a professional film making, it will open up possibilities and will prove very useful to many veteran users. With that said, if you still want to own this weird looking piece of tech, then go ahead and do it and just b sure to share the experience with us.


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