Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Gaming consoles are getting compact day-by-day, and all the mainstream consoles are now getting a compact version. Following the current trend, Nintendo also announced a new gaming console which will change the way people use them. With Nintendo Switch, you can transform your home gaming console into a portable system. What is the result? This portable system will allow you to carry all your games with you, wherever you go. Yes, when you are on the go and are traveling, you don’t have to carry the whole chunk of a system with you or wait until you return.

With Nintendo Switch, you can carry the portable console, and once you return, you can connect it back and play all the games in HD. This switch from the handheld mode to a full mainstream console is what makes the whole experience enjoyable and gives it a fresh approach. The console also comes with two joy-con controller that helps you play better. These controllers can be attached to the console and then can be played in a handheld system. Multiple players can also connect to each other play online as well. Players can choose to go for upto 4v4 match as well. Nintendo also announced to launch a couple of interesting launch title with the Switch.

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