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Virtual Reality (VR) is slowly taking over the world now as the technology is advancing at a rapid pace. While we have a lot of devices to consume the VR content, not many devices are available to create them. Meaning, we don’t have many devices in the market which we can use to create 360 Degree videos and even if they are available, they’re mostly for those with big bucks. However, this new Nico360 promises to create VR content without breaking your bucks.

The Nico360 features a 32-megapixel CMOS sensor which captures in full 360-degree. It records the footage in 1440p WQHD video. The camera has a built-in gyroscope which works along with the accelerometer to produce some smooth stabilized imagery. And on top of everything, you can also see the what is recording via the live stream of it using the nicocam app. The camera also has a waterproof body which is probably the best feature as it makes it easy to carry it for the trips. And speaking of trips, you don’t have to worry about trips since the battery last for upto two hours according to the company, which is quite good for a VR camera.


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