Smart Home Security Cameras

Netgear Arlo

Smart home security cameras are the modern day tech gadget that pretty much everybody wants to install at their homes. These are some of the best piece of technology that one can buy right now in the market and in fact, there are a ton of them available on the market already which makes it very difficult to choose one from. And the Netgear Arlo is one of them. It is a $350 (which roughly translates to about 24,000 INR) home security camera kit that comes with the Netgear Hub and two cameras. Do make a note that each additional cameras which you will buy separately will cost you $160 separately which again roughly translates to about 11,000 INR.

Right out of the bag, something which you will immediately notice about these cameras are that they are not tethered to a power cord. That means you can put these cameras pretty much anywhere including outside. They will stay connected flawlessly upto 300ft. distance. And overall, there are a lot of good things to say about these cameras. It has features like 720p high res camera along night vision. You can also set schedules, and it has a motion related alert and what not. It works really well, and it is versatile. The cameras as a magnetic back, so it allows you to stick it to something that is magnetic or you can also use the magnetic mount to set it up in angle suitable for you.

Setting it up is also really easy, but one thing that is annoying is that you need the neater hub to stay connected. It is a big box that needs to stay connected to the router since it acts as a medium to communicate with the network. And one thing that also comes with these hubs is the third party connectivity. So yo can keep expecting a lot of third party integration with the cameras. But one thing which they don’t that we kind of expected it to have is audio. So it won’t start recording if it hears something and naturally, there is not two-way talk functionality as well. But overall these are a really great camera that you can place pretty much anywhere you want in and around the house to optimize your home security.


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