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Nest Cam outdoor

Nest Cam outdoor

When it comes to security cameras, there are a variety of different ones out there. On the same lines, the Nest Cam Outdoor is also one of your options if you are looking for a functional security camera. The Nest is a well-known brand for security cameras, etc. and this particular one is also a great option to go with. The Nest Cam outdoor is a beautiful looking camera which is also weatherproof so that it can be placed outside in any given conditions.

Nest also provides something called as Nest Aware subscription with the help of which the Nest Cam will continuously record 24/7. The camera can save about 30 days of footage in the cloud which is definitely a great addition. The camera has a lot of great features like motion tracking, soundtracking, etc. The camera will instantly send in an alert on your smartphone if it detects anything suspicious. Overall, it is a great smartphone which you can buy.


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