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Neato Botvac Connected

Neato Botvac Connected

When it comes to home automation products, people usually go for the one with a mediocre performance one. In my honest opinion, you should always go for the best one available since this is not something which you will keep upgrading now and then. Once you buy it, this product usually don’t ned a replacement since the new variant won’t bring much to the table anyway. And if you ask anyone who has used a robot vacuum before, then you would get a reply recommending to buy this product right here. The Neato Botvac connected is one of the best one in the market. This particular variant is one top in the market and undoubtedly the best that Neato has produced. Now when if you ask what is so good about this that it is termed as the best one in the market? Well, first of all, you will notice that it reaches more places than its competitions. We all know that usually, the robot vacuums are not always reliable when it comes to reaching more places. But this little guy will do a noticeably better job at that. Next, when you talk about the design of this robot, it is quite unique in the market. It has a D-shaped design rather than a round one just like others. This allows it to go right upto the wall whereas the others will stop due to the shape.

In earlier models this shape worked heavily against it as a flat edge means two corners, which can get caught on all sorts of things. But in the newer generations of neato, the navigations have gotten better. So the robot now has a better understanding of where it can fit and where it can’t fit. And as the name suggests, it is called connected. Well, yes, it does have an app, with which you can set cleaning schedules, or you can even take the direct control of the robot, where you have like a little remote control on your phone with which you can control it. The best part is, the Neato works well with Amazon Echo as well. So you can ask Alexa to clean the house and this will take care of the job. Well, all these nifty little features give it an edge over the competitors, but again, these features come at a price. Currently, this vacuum is retailing for about $699. So if you think that is way too much, then you might want to look into somewhere else. The direct competition to this comes from a company called the Roomba whose best offering is the iRobot Roomba vacuum. It retails for about $799 and is well worth the price. But the difference is marginal as this one also uses the smart, intelligent navigation and all the other techniques that Roomba uses. Both of them are highly efficient and can be trusted upon. With that said, you can check the links below to know more about the pricing and availability and make a decision based on the same.


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