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Music Angel JH-FD19

2015 was all about hover boards right? We saw them taking over the world by storm and then suddenly started exploding out of nowhere. While the technology and the idea of not having to walk itself were very cool, let’s say it wasn’t a product for everyone. It only goes to say that we see something new like this every other year. Most of them highly welcomed by many while most of them fail and fall right on their faces. 2016 also saw some very interesting innovations and one such idea is the levitating objects. Yes, the idea of levitating something with the help of magnets is very cool and all, but implementing it on something which might be of some use to you is even better.

That is when we started seeing the Levitating speakers. While there are a variety of different ones out there, this one from the Music Angel is particularly good. Within the box just like any other levitating speakers, you will get a speaker unit and the base which mostly contains only magnets. The company is calling the speaker unit as orb which is rather a funky way to put it. So we will be addressing it has orb only and when you talk about the orb, the only thing which you need to is that it is small and has pretty much all the controls. It is touch sensitive on the top and has this levitating motion when deployed. On the bottom, it has to charge port and a power button to turn it on/off. The controls include skipping to next or previous track, play/pause and call handling, etc. Making it levitate over the base is also not all that hard. It is actually pretty simple. Just connect the base with the power and turn the speaker on. Now hold the orb with both the hands and make it balance by taking it near to the base and a boom!

It just starts to levitate over the base, and it looks absolutely incredible. And honestly, this is pretty much the only reason of buying this particular object. The reason for the same being the sound quality. It is okay and gets the job done. But if you are an audiophile, then this is not something that you might want to hear at all. For this price, it is not worsted one out there, but for the same price, you can get a great-sounding, Bluetooth speaker. But again, you won’t be able to have fun with the levitating thing. With that said, if you want a nice piece of gadget which looks good and want something to add on to your desk, then this is the way to go.


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