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Smartphones have still not adopted wireless charging completely as still there are a ton of smartphones without wireless charging feature. With that said, most people are still relying on third-party wireless chargers which typically involves a charging pad on which you have to place your device. Talking about a wireless charging solution, we still don’t have a truly wireless charging device and it looks like MotherBox is here to the rescue. MotherBox is the first truly wireless charger which doesn’t require you to keep in touch with the charging device.

The MotherBox has a main receiver which gives on-demand power for both iOS and Android devices. The MotherBox can charge your device without even getting in contact with the charger. This means that you can do whatever ou want while sitting near a charger and have your device charged at the same time. Another advantage is that you also get to charge multiple devices simultaneously. And another thing to keep in mind is that the closer you get to the charger, the faster your device will charge and make sure you stay within 20 inches away from the charger.


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