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Activity trackers/ fitness bands that are available in the market are all quite similar. There is not a lot of difference in these products when it comes to functions, etc. But there are a few products in the market that are unique and offers some different set of features. And Moov Now is one such product. This is n activity band which is unlike anything that you might have seen in the past. This 2nd generation Moov Tracker offers activity tracking in 3D and real-time audio feedback to improve your performance. And all this is priced at just about $79 which roughly translates to about 5,400 INR. Talking about the band, it is elastic and breathable which is a great touch considering the other ones in the market right now. The tracker just goes inside the band which you then you wear to track everything.

One thing that you need to know about this tracker is that it has no display so that it won’t show time, notifications or anything and it doesn’t even have an alarm, etc. so if you have a lot of expectations out of this, then you will be disappointed. This band does have an all day tracking capability, but it really shines with the recorded workout sessions. On the main page of the app, the Moov now focuses on active minute which then you can tap further to see more details for. It also automatically tells you when you sleep, and it is quite accurate with that as well. The app also shows the various activities that it can track. The basic ones are running and walking, and it is really helpful for beginners. Even professional runners can take a lot of advantage out of it. The coach will keep talking to you and tell your progress. And pretty much all the activities has its own metrics to track, and it does them very well.

At home coaching also offers a lot of variety and the exercise is shown in the app. You can see the movement being tracked in realtime and it gives you confidence on what you are trying to achieve. One of the best features which you might like is the cardio boxing. Do make a note that this activity will require two Moov Now tracker i.e. one for each hand and the exercise kind of works like guitar hero game You jab, cross, hook and give uppercut while switching states periodically hitting the air whenever the target crosses the line. The tracker does measure the speed of each punch, the amount of G-Force you put in, and it uses all that info to accurately show you the overall progress. Overall, this is pretty much as good as a tracker can get in terms of tracking your activities. Maybe the couch is not the best one out there in the market, but you will get used to it.


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