Levitating Objects

Mars by Crazybaby

Mars by Crazybaby

Levitating objects by themselves are a cool thing to look at. However, these Mars levitating Bluetooth speakers might be the best looking Bluetooth speakers ever. This is the Mars by Crazybaby. Yes, that is a weird name, and probably when you look at it, you will see a high degree of resemblance here with the Mac Pro. Well, if you don’t know how a levitating speaker works are, they have a base and a speaker unit which is basically the main unit that floats on top of the base. In this case, it is the UFO shaped Mars craft. And here the base is unique as its sole purpose is not just to make the main unit levitate, but it also works as a sub-woofer which works in conjunction with the main speaker while the music is playing.

When you take a look at the back of the Mars speaker, you will see a couple of USB ports. So once you charge the base, you can the use that power to charge your electronics. It comes in a bunch of colors that you can pick up. This is actually the easiest thing to setup in comparison to any other device of this kind. Before the levitation, you need to make sure that the Mars piece is connected to your device via Bluetooth. The next thing is to rest on the center of the base and then power it on. Once this is done, it will start to levitate, and the lights will go on. And now you are just good to go. Another cool thing about this Mars is the 360 degrees sound dispersion, which in turn should equate to a nice listening experience no matter which side are you on.

The top being waterproof, the Mars craft is also magnetic, and it is worth noting that the magnet is strong. So if you are in the market for just a Bluetooth speaker itself, then this could be a great option there as well. But there is one thing about this that you should know, and that is the price. Yes, it is definitely the most coolest looking thing, but the price tag is quite hard to justify. And for the price, you can get a lot of other options which can sound way better than this. So unless and until you want a flashy product that you want to show off and impress people, you can see somewhere else. Well, on the other hand, if you want something more cheaper than this which does the same exact job of levitating, then you can check out the one by music angel.


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