LG Hub

LG Hub

LG Hub is LG’s newest robot which has a lot of interesting new features. It has a display on the front which doubles up as a face which shows beautiful emotions when you want it to be something other than just a bot. The primary task of this robot is to interact with other home appliances that you have at your home. The LG Hub comes with Amazon’s Alexa integration which allows it to talk to other home appliances. Apart from that, the LG Hub can also link to LG’s smart home appliances. With the help of LG Hub, users can interact with their home appliances like Air conditioners, washing machines, TVs, etc.

This robot is meant to be set up in a central location within your house like hallway or kitchen so that anyone can use it to reach out to appliances that they can’t otherwise at a given point. Apart from being just a robot, it also has a display which shows some emotions as mentioned earlier and that by itself makes it a good addition to your house. If you are interested in having small miniature versions of this robot for other rooms of your house, then you can also do that since LG is selling the small version of them as well. All the robots will be connected and will allow you to control all your appliances effectively.

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