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LG Hom-Bot Square

LG Hom-Bot Square

LG initially launched the LG Hom-Bot, and well, three years later they came up with the LG Nom-Bot square. But in the three years of development, not a lot has changed. It is the same basic simple design and even the same sort of mediocre cleaning results too. However, whats new is the coat of paint which is black now instead of red and also an accessory which lets you use it as a dry mop style cleaner, and yes, finally the price is also new. It got a price hike from the previous version being $800, and now this one is priced at $900. This price is more than people’s favorite vacuums from Neato and Roomba, which are highly recommended by everyone. Well, even we recommend those instead of this, and there are a lot of reasons for the same. First and most important one being the cleaning performance. In pretty much all the tests, this bot from LG stood at the bottom of the ranking and did not do well as the Neato, Roomba, etc. But it indeed does offers some cleaning modes which you can use. You can set it to go zig-zag across the carpet to clean better and break things into cells or even steer it around the perimeter you want. Yes, these are a nice mix, but the other cleaners can do pretty much all of this and i fact a lot more than this as well.

Talking about the competition, they are all great and have a lot more features to offer like a smartphone app; laser sighted the target and what not. So if you are planning to launch a similar product, then you need to keep in mind that you have to offer a lot of features to shine brightly here in this category. But sadly, this cleaner can’t do any of that. It has nothing new to offer in the market to the consumers and falls straight on the face against the competitions. In the end, if you ask about the final verdict, then the only thing that you should know is that fact that it is competition cleaner which can do just the basic things right. Can it clean your floor? Yes, it can, but not as effectively as any other competitions in the market. So in that case, it should cost less right? Well, theoretically yes, but that is not the case here, and this is exactly what makes us hard to recommend this to anyone. Even if you want just the basic cleaner, it is not nearly as affordable to go and buy. So the bottom line is, is very expensive for what it is and if you are in the market for a new robot vacuum, then you should consider some other options.


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