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LG 360 Cam

LG 360 Cam

With the increasing popularity of 360-degree videos or VR videos, everyone is trying to get their hands on one. Even the manufacturers are trying to make either a camera which is capable of recording 360-degree content or a headset to view the content on the go. On the same lines, LG has also launched a new device in this category called the LG 360 cam. A company which is popularly known for its smartphones and other home appliances, expectations are usually quite high when it comes to some new products. The 360 cam from the company is a product which comes with a simple, compact and solid design and when you remove the cover off of it, you will see it in all its glory. The device is made out of plastic and aluminum and feels pretty nice in hand. At the bottom, there is a tripod screw and a place for the microSD card and USB Type-C port. On the front, there is a shutter button. You click the button once for pictures and hold & release for video recording. And of course, there are two cameras as well. Each camera is 13MP and has a wide-angle view with an aperture of f/1.8.

The two cameras in the LG 360 Cam creates 16MP spherical images and shoot 360-degree videos at a resolution of 2560 x 1280. This is not as sharp as some other new 360 cameras in the market right now, but it still looks pretty good overall. If you want a higher resolution footage, then you should check out the Gear 360 camera from Samsung. It performs quite well in bright conditions but gets fairly noisy and grainy and falls apart in comparatively darker conditions. Images are also great overall and tend to look a lot better than the video does. To take them off the camera, you nee to download the files to your phone as they are switched together. From there you can use something like an Android file transfer app for Mac and PC. That way, you could take the photos and videos off the camera. There is also a total of three microphones that record 5.1 channel surround sound audio. But again, do make a note that not all platforms support this channel so might not hear exactly how it sounds. Overall, everything about this camera is fairly good, but the major downside is the software which can be a bit confusing. It works with most Android phones on the market which run lollipop and above and iPhones running iOS 8 and above.

It is a good thing that the support is not just limited to LG phones. It connects through, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth low energy and the setup is quite simple as well. But the only problem is, it doesn’t always work. Yes, this is something which can be easily fixed with a software update, and it is the need of the hour here at the time of writing this. As of now, it takes forever to connect. However, once you are connected and ready to go, you will find that the app is full of awesome functions. You can do anything like see a live view from the cameras, set a timer, change modes, switch cameras and shoot 180 instead of 360 and what not. You can even access a manual mode as well many other awesome features. And that’s everything about the LG 360 cam. Besides few issues like shooting only 2k videos and the software issues, as of now, it is a really good overall camera especially for the price and for those who are willing to get into the 360-degree videos and VR videos as it is a good place understand how 360 camera works.


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