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Lenovo’s Smart Assistant

Lenovo's Smart Assistant

Smart home assistants are becoming more popular day after day, and we had seen them getting better with every single update since they were first launched back in the days when IOT was first announced. And now if you are in the market for a smart home assistant, then you have a plenty of different options to choose from ranging from Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc. And talking about Amazon Echo, we now have a new product in the market from Lenovo called the Smart Assistant, and it is very similar to Amazon’s Echo. Why similar you may ask?

The Lenovo Smart Assistant is essentially the same product as that of the Amazon Echo. This is also a smart speaker who will listen to your commands and take necessary actions accordingly. It is also very similar in size and shape to Amazon Echo. However, it will be available in different color options. In terms of features, it has an eight 360-degree, far-field microphones with noise suppression/acoustic echo cancellation. And as a matter of fact, it uses Amazon Alexa’s voice to power the voice commands and searches. Well, now you might be confused as to how is this new Lenovo’s voice assistant any different than the Amazon’s Echo.

First of all, the Lenovo’s Smart assistant has priced aggressively at $129 which is comparatively less than the Amazon Echo’s $180 price tag. And although the Lenovo’s smart assistant uses Alexa’s voice to power the searches, etc. it will apparently work across Lenovo’s ecosystem of products too. Hence depending on what exactly you are looking for here, buying either of these will be a great option.


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